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    I believe in spreading the sisterly love. For women who are serving our country, a special sisterhood and have a sorority — founded just for them.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Soror Shacara Clemons, President for the Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority Incorporated, KCMO Cluster. Kappa Epsilon Psi’s sorority is about women of service being of service and made up of National Guard, active-duty, reserve and retired female veterans. Listen in as we chat about their community outreach, connecting with women who are vets and more.

    Pass the word to women you know who serve in the Kansas City and Fort Riley area — or if you are a woman of service yourself! They have open applications right now. For details about KEΨ, click here.

    (Photo credit: Facebook/ Kappa Epsilon Psi KC page)