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    So what would you do if your preacher spoke on pleasing your spouse? If yours wouldn’t, there is one who does.

    Pastor Eddie Fray touches on the subject – which is touchy to some – in his book, The Bite of Pleasure. His focus is not on the big O per se but an orgasmic marriage.

    Hope I didn’t lose you.

    But with infidelity being rampant not just outside the church but among believers, why not address the issue of a satisfying marriage in all aspects– including when it comes to what the Bible calls ‘due benevolence’? Pastor Fray says:

    “If we accomplish on our feet what we hope to accomplish between the sheets then we’ll have orgasmic marriages.”

    Ok, pastor.

    But the book also address those who are single. In fact, he challenges Steve Harvey on his 90-Day Rule, birthing his Cookie Commitment, an alternative to the 90-Day Rule.

    Ready for more tea? Listen in as we chat about his book The Bite of Pleasure, available at www.authoreddiefray.com .