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  • Why Black Women Matter in Politics: A Chat with Michele Watley, National African American Outreach Political Director for Senator Bernie Sanders for President

    January 31, 2018 | Blog What Did I Miss | Julee Jonez
  • chelle

    All political parties need to pay attention to one of the most valuable and committed resources.

    Women – and black women in particular.

    The recent election of Doug Jones in deep red Alabama confirms when we show up at the polls, we impact the outcome. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a sufficient investment in our interests. It starts with engagement and it’s time for America to pay attention.

    However,if we won’t step up to take our own seat at the table, we’ll be served on the menu.

    Michele Watley is one sista who understands this all too well.

    A fierce advocate for women, she’s the National African American Outreach Political Director & Media Relations at Senator Bernie Sanders for President. While his previous bid for the Oval is over – for now – her work is not. Last night she hosted the “Boy, Bye!” State of the Union Watch Party and has more events planned as we head into the midterms. Listen in as she talks on what we can do in Kansas City to be engaged.