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    As a little girl, my mother wanted me to start a hope chest for when I got married.

    Chile, it turned into my college memory box. I don’t even know what happened to the dishes we collected.

    Although I saw marriage modeled throughout my family, I didn’t put much thought into learning how to become a wife one day. At one point, I remember telling my mother I was going to become a nun because I didn’t foresee a ring in my future.

    But God.

    Yes, God blessed me with marriage but I discovered learning to be a wife was a process.

    And it’s one that you can use help with.

    That’s why I appreciate Myreesha Franklin, founder of Wife Life.  Her group not only helps wives to glean from one another, but welcome single women. The goal is to give them a head start –and insight–on the journey to the wife world. We’re doing that this Saturday at the Wife Life Brunch. Listen in as we talk about this event. Only a few tickets are left so if you miss us this time, keep up to date by checking the site, cherishedwifelife.com.

    (Music: Alpha Music Library via Carter Broadcast Group)