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    Entrepreneurship has powerful results. Not only can you secure your own future, but you can pour back into your community, create generational wealth for your family and be your own boss!

    But what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

    Maybe you don’t believe you have a marketable idea.

    Or you don’t know how to build capital.

    Perhaps you lack a support system.

    Meet Adrienne B. Haynes. She’s here to help us find answers to these dilemmas.

    As an attorney and founder of The Multicultural Business Coalition, Adrienne specializes in helping entrepreneurs develop sustainable infrastructure and business practices. Listen in to our chat on entrepreneurship and find out some of Adrienne’s tips to get you started.

    For more information, visit adriennebhaynes.com.

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    I have an idea to purchase, rehabilitate, and to fix up low-income homes and make them energy efficient... But I like the knowledge with how to get started and I like capital. How does someone like myself get started with this goal in the near future?


    Contact Adrienne to set up something. Just go to her site and give her a call. She'd love to give you some direction. Sorry for the delayed response!