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  • What Happens When Black Women Take the ‘Pink Pill_’ (1)

    When I first read the title of an email that read, “Do black women need charm school?” I was momentarily  taken aback. But as I read further, I thought about some of the young women I have mentored and became interested.

    Let me explain.

    As a pro #BlackGirlMagic woman, I realize that sometimes we’re misconstrued –particularly when building relationships.  In fact, with the rise of interracial dating and online dating, many black women are open but aren’t sure how to navigate this unchartered territory. Interracial dating expert, author and blogger Christelyn Karazin weighs in on how with “ The Pink Pill”.

    But it’s not just about dating. The online module is a place that can teach women social skills that will prepare them for various social circles, situations and even career advancement.

    Listen in as she explains how The Pink Pill platform embraces women from all walks of life, helping to refine the diamonds in the rough.