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    The countdown to midterms is on.

    We are officially close to a month away  — and we need to know who wants to represent us.



    And Women of color.

    When black women vote, we change the outcome of elections, thus impacting policies. That is why it is imperative that we take our power to the polls Tuesday, November 6th.

    But in the age of social media, rampant rhetoric and political ads taking our televisions captive, how do you personally know what each candidate stands for?

    By getting politically engaged.

    One way to do that is this Saturday. Join Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, The Links, Inc. and other partners for the Heartland Legislative Forum. Learn how the candidates compare on the most significant issues impacting black women.  The event is  10 AM at Colonial Presbyterian Church – 9500 Wornall Rd.  Congressional candidates from both sides have been invited.

    Listen in as Michele Watley of Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet and Danadra Jean-Noël of Greater Kansas City Chapter of The Links, Inc. discuss the event– and why you need to be a part of the movement.

    You must RSVP  for this free event  here.