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  • Julee Jonez is a Radio Personality in Kansas City, Missouri. Born and raised in Kansas City, Julee always had a love for words even as a child. During childhood modeling, her mother recognized her penchant for writing as she created script for television commercials as part as her modeling school assignment. Julee was always a talker, often performing in school plays. Throughout high school she enjoyed speech classes and was never afraid of speaking before an audience. In fact, assignments that involved public speaking were often the ones she thrived at the most.

     Although she initially wanted to study accounting in college, after attending an open house that presented various majors offered at her school, Julee decided to see how she would enjoy Broadcasting and Film. After one class, she was hooked! When she decided to finish her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri- Kansas City, she did various internships but as destiny would have it; her last internship was at KPRS Hot 103 Jamz. Unbeknownst to her at the time, KPRS would eventually be where her radio began and would continue for years to come.

     After getting her initial opportunity to work in radio, Julee maneuvered between two worlds: the full-time hustle of Corporate America and her passion, radio broadcasting. Finally in August 1999, Julee was brought on as full-time Radio Personality. Julee has since used her sphere of influence in community service, mentoring youth, and high school youth ministry efforts.

     Julee is married to Michael with whom she has one son. Julee is passionate wife and mother, who believes in consistent prayer and faith in the Lord Jesus as the foundation for her family’s success and strength in the midst of storms.

     In her spare time, Julee enjoys cooking, fellowship with her long-time friends, working out and partaking in women’s Bible studies. Julee is praying that God will continue to bless her with vision and imagination for future literary works and open doors for more public speaking opportunities. Julee has passion for speaking to young women about bouncing back from a problem some past, having healthy self-esteem, and how God uses all things for His glory when you give your life to Him.

  • What's Up With the Title?

  • I have gotten asked, “Why isn’t this book called ‘Pressed Past the Past’? Isn’t ‘pressing’ wrong?”

    No. I meant what I called it.

    When I prayed for the title, this popped in my head. But the more I worked on the manuscript -even with the editor – the title began to make more sense. See, ‘press’ is the present tense of an action. As you read the story, Yolanda and Kennedy are taking you through their current struggle.They are currently wrestling with unresolved issues of the past – thus they are pressing. If they had already conquered the problems of  their yesterdays, I would have called it “Pressed Past the Past”.

    But I didn’t want to tell you a story that was complete. Take the journey with them as Galatians 6:7 becomes their reality.

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Pressing Past the Past is the story of faith, friendship, reaping and redemption.  Dive in and follow these flawed people who find grace despite their deception and healing after heartbreak.