• Melody Holt of Love & Marriage Huntsville Speaks on Marriage, Family, Purpose & More

  • Melody & Martell Holt (Center)
    Photo credit: OWN

    “Power couple doesn’t mean perfect.”

    That’s a word – and one from Melody Holt of Love & Marriage Huntsville.

    Season 1B of Love & Marriage Huntsville has returned. The show centers on three high-powered African-American couples in the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama. One couple I’ve kept my eye on is Melody Holt, as she and her hubby Martell deal with the aftermath if his infidelity. She recently announced the two are expecting. What else can we expect from the couple this season? How does she keep pushing despite the problems? If you missed my on-air chat with Melody, listen in for the tea. Don’t miss Love & Marriage Huntsville, Saturday nights on OWN 9pm.