• Old School Love: A Chat On Faith & Love With Rev. Run And Justine Simmons

  • Hey loves! Happy (late) new year to you. I know it’s been a minute but life has brought some changes and right now, my time and energy has been diverted to a certain lane – for now. I plan to check in with you more often and should be revamping my site soon as well.

    But today I had to stop in and drop this off – a chat with Rev. Run and his lovely wife, Justine Simmons. They’re promoting their new book on relationship advice, “Old School Love: And Why It Works” –just in time for Valentine’s Day! While the couple has had peak moments, they also had their share of times in the valley. One key that has been crucial to their over two decade relationship?

    Their faith.

    If you’re ready for a word from the Rev. and a testimony from Justine, you have to check this out!

    Audio courtesy of KPRS Hot 103 Jamz. Music: Alpha Music Library via Carter Broadcast Group.